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Future of Learning and Education 

Technology is constantly evolving and changing the ways we live, work, and learn. The ways we approach learning are very different than they were even a decade ago. In order to keep our practices current, we must stay ahead of this technological evolution, and that starts with getting the most out of today’s technology. 

Have you provided on-the-job support for learning, examine the impact of cloud technologies on learning platforms, and discuss how learning platforms can integrate with other enterprise systems? 

You need to examine the increasing role of social media as a means of enhancing informal and social learning and learn how and when to use social and informal learning tools to assist in learning and knowledge transfer. 

 Finally, explore how to use today’s cutting-edge technologies to paint a picture of how technology will shape how we learn tomorrow.I presented some of these thoughts and provocative questions at DevLearn 2015. Amazing how many good ideas come from our peers when we talk about it in a community setting! Here is a link to the slide deck we used.